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Updated by Andrew Carter, March 2014

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Welcome to, providing you with information, advice and resources for K Cup® coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

If you are like us you enjoy a good hot drink, in our case it’s a perfect cup of coffee first thing in the morning or that well deserved morning tea break.

We have tried a number of different systems and methods of making the coffee, tea and hot chocolate and I have to say the K Cup® system is still what we prefer. It brings an easy, quick, great tasting drink and when not working on all cylinders first thing in the morning … it’s the perfect fix.

So where do you start? Well, we have four main sections to our website with each providing specific information about K Cup® varieties, the machines themselves or some of the storage options available.


Latest Update ....

Keurig Vidoes - TroubleshootWell it's be a while since a new update has been posted and so we are pleased to announce a new section called Keurig® Videos - Troubleshoot, where you can access helpful videos that will address some of the common problems that come up with Keurig brewers. We trust you find the new addtion helpful.


Our Top Tips

Keurig K Cups Top TipsTo start with we have some of our top tips for making a fantastic cup of K Cup® coffee.


Keurig® Pods

Keurig PodsThere is a huge variety of K Cup® flavors available now days, with all manner of strengths and tastes catered for. This is one of the things we love about the Keurig® system, in that we never have any shortage of choice and most varieties are available around the world. Please click here for our reviews or access the menu item from the right sidebar.


Keurig® Coffee Machines

Keurig B70The coffee machines available for the single serve coffee market are fantastic, with no lack of choice for the consumer. Whether it’s the all bells and whistles unit or the most simple of units for the occasional use, there is something for most from Keurig®. While our favorite is the Platinum range, in particular the B77, we have provided a review of each of Keurig’s® coffee machines and these can be found here.


Keurig® Pods Storage

K Cup StorageOf course you need to be able to store the K Cup® portions somewhere and keeping them in the box or bottom of the draw isn’t the best not most convenient means. Well, there are number of storage solutions available and we provide a review of some of the main ones here.



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We trust you enjoy your visits here and if you would like to get in touch please click here or use the Contact Us from the menu on the right sidebar.

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